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I like making posts.
Here are some of my favorites.

More than 1M views; 160k facebook shares.   Which Viral Quiz Is Your Brand?  (Digiday)   Yup, BuzzFeed Is Doing Sponsored Quizzes, Too  (TechCrunch)   Designed it myself.

More than 1M views; 160k facebook shares.

Which Viral Quiz Is Your Brand? (Digiday)

Yup, BuzzFeed Is Doing Sponsored Quizzes, Too (TechCrunch)

Designed it myself.

Which Barbie Doll Are You?

What A Barbie Doll's Resume Looks Like After 55 Years

  • 150+ careers on a very pink résumé.
  • Also designed this myself — I'm a glutton for punishment.
  • Am rather proud of the jokes about Barbie fearing kilns.

15 Life Lessons We Learned From Barbie Dolls

  • A trip down memory lane written by someone who never had the dolls.

18 Foods Everyone Must Try Before Leaving NYC

18 Reasons To Love Dolores Park

  • Focused content for one of the cities participating in The City Churned promotion by Ben & Jerry's.


What's The Client Feedback This Time?

  • This is very dumb.
  • Personal, non-branded post about lots of ~advertising~ stuff.

How Well Do You Remember The Songs From “Ocarina Of Time”?

  • Personal, non-branded post made for the love of classic Nintendo 64 games.

What Kind Of Tequila Cocktail Are You?

  • Yes, there's more out there than the margarita.

What Kind Of Mom Do You Have?

  • The Mother's Day special for Old Spice. Call your mom! Send her a card! Even if she's not a Cool Mom!

Which Expendable Are You?

  • Sylvester Stallone supposedly approved this.

20 Reasons The Rest Of America Is Jealous Of The South

14 Love Coupons You'd Actually Want to Receive

  • Custom design work!
  • Sad that my coupon "butt stuff" did not survive approvals.

15 Reasons There's No Cure For The Common Man Cold

  • Men are such babies.
  • It's true. We are.

11 Reasons Why An Open-Office Floor Plan Ruins Your Life

  • I know everything about all my coworkers all the time.

18 Gifts That Whiskey Lovers Will Certainly Love

  • Fun fact: this post made me into a whiskey drinker.