Jason Sweeten


comedy writer & copywriter

Jason is a sketch writer in NYC.

"Deer in the House!"

"Sisters In Law"

"Mean Girl Pokémon"

"Humans the Gathering"

"Ryan Murphy's Pitches"

"Robot Can't Catch Balloons"

"Villain's Drink"

“The Bath Bomb’s Sacrifice”

"End of an Action Movie"

"National Bunco Finals"

“Sorting of Albus Dumbledore”

"Enchanted Hardware"

“Employee Survey”

"God Is A Trans Woman" (Runner)

"Hyrule Sucks"

"Royal Roomba Wig A Wig"

"Tinder: The Board Game!"

“Six Feet Under: Minor Characters”

"Gay Bottom Serial Killer"

"Misery Vlogger"

"Irish Bully"

"Do Not Throw Up"